System Requirements

Operating system Windows 7+ 64-bit, macOS 64-bit or Linux 64-bit
Processor x86_64 compatible with AVX2 or SSE2 support
Memory 512 MB RAM
Graphics OpenGL 3.3 support
Misc Dreamcast BIOS

Dreamcast BIOS

The Dreamcast's BIOS should be placed in ~/.redream/boot.bin and is recommended when runnning any video game, as it provides essential functionality that enables games to interact with the Dreamcast hardware.

Due to legal reasons, we can not distribute the rom containing this. However, you can copy this off of our your own Dreamcast using an SD card adapter and DreamShell.

If a valid BIOS is not found, there is code that will attempt to high-level emulate it. While the intent of this code is to replace the need for an original BIOS, it currently fails to load several homebrew games and has issues with some commercial games which prevent it from being recommended yet.

Managing files

Redream's root file directory is ~/.redream, where ~ is your user's home directory. This location varies on each operating system:

Windows C:\Users\<user>\.redream
Mac /Users/<user>/.redream
Linux /home/<user>/.redream

The most important files in this directory are:

BIOS ~/.redream/boot.bin
Saves ~/.redream/vmu1.bin
Config ~/.redream/config

Managing games

Games can be loaded and ran either through the UI, or directly from the command line.

Through the UI

Go to Options -> Library -> Add Directory to add a directory containing valid game(s) to the library. After doing so, each game should be available from the main menu:

Games list

Through the command line

For quick testing, it's often desirable to run a game directly from the command line by passing it as the first argument to redream:

redream /path/to/game

Managing controllers

Controller input in redream can come from either a connected controller or the keyboard.


Redream relies on SDL's controller database to automatically configure most controllers. You can view information on each connected controller in Options -> Controller info.

If your controller does not exist in SDL's database, there is currently no way to manually configure it.

Keyboard Binds

The default keyboard binds in redream are:

A button L
B button P
X button K
Y button O
START button Space
Joystick -Y axis W
Joystick +Y axis S
Joystick -X axis A
Joystick +X axis D
DPAD Right H
Left trigger [
Right trigger ]

These binds can be managed in Options -> Keyboard binds: Keyboard

To change a button's bind, select the button, and then press the key you would like it mapped to.

Managing saves

Each connected controller has an associated VMU which can be saved to ingame, just as they would be on the real Dreamcast.

Each VMU is written to ~/.redream/vmu<port>.bin.

Managing config

The config file is located in ~/.redream/config and is used to persist settings between runs.

Most important settings are accessible through the UI, but the curious can list all available settings by running redream -h.