Directory Structure


Audio backend implementation. Responsible for reading fully mixed data from the Dreamcast and playing it.


Asserts, logging and data structures.


Contains subfolders for each of the major hardware components of the Dreamcast:

  • aica audio chip with its own dsp and cpu to synthesize and mix audio data
  • arm7 audio cpu, part of the aica chip
  • gdrom optical disc drive
  • holly interface between the sh4 cpu and the pvr chip / maple bus
  • maple interface between holly and external peripherals
  • pvr graphics chip. processes and renders texture / polygon data
  • rom boot and flash rom chips
  • sh4 main cpu


Contains the frontend, backend, ir and optimization passes used by the just-in-time compiler.


Cross-platform abstractions for signal handling, paths, virtual memory, threads and time.


Window creation and user interface code.


Video backend implementation. Responsible for rendering parsed texture / polygon data from the Dreamcast.